Monday, November 2, 2009

Yoyogi Park

This morning, Sandy Peach woke me up pretty early in the morning for a walk. She and I were out in Yoyogi Park by 5;15 am, before the sun came up. As we walked to one of the quieter corners of the park, I observed some strange motion underneath a dense cluster of tress. As I got nearer, I realized it was a man repeatedly practicing karate kicks.

Public space is extremely well used in Japan. Yoyogi Park, is one of the largest Parks in Tokyo (see picture at the bottom of this blog). It is always full of human activity. On weekends cars line the street near our apartment waiting for a parking space. Families spread out plastic sheets and settle in for long picnics.

The night Sandy Peach arrived (6 hours late--a typhoon delayed her flight) I took her for a long walk in Yoyogi Park at midnight. I am rarely up that late so it was my first encounter with the park late at night. I discovered that midnight is a popular time to jog here in Tokyo.

Anyway, I have started a new list in the right hand bar of this blog--a list of things I have seen people doing in Yoyogi park. I'll update as I note new and unique things that people do in Yoyogi Park.

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